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Step Inside Has No Arrival And Departure Costs, We Combine The Tours With Some Other Customer Appointments So We Can Work Efficiently With You

Shootings Depends On The Situation And On The Location, But If The Appointment Is Well Prepared And Everything Is Accessible For The Shooting, We Can Do A Small Virtual Tour Of 100Sqm In One Hour. However, We Also Like To Take Pictures In The Evening Hours In Soft Lighting To Achieve Great Results, For Which Stepinside Is Known.
A Virtual Tour? Coming Now!
After The Formalities Are Cleared, We Make An Appointment To Get Down To Business. This Means In Concrete: Our Camera Operator Will Come To Shoot The Desired Object. Your Assistance Usually Consists Of In Preparing The Rooms So That We Can
Get The Best Out Of The Shooting. The Goal Of The Virtual Tour Is Ultimately To Make The Real Estate Completely Virtually Walkable And That, If Possible, In The Condition In Which The Virtual Visitor Should Find It. But Don't Worry, We Of Course, We Will Advise You In Detail Beforehand! The Time Required To Carry Out The 360° Views Depends Strongly On The Size Of The Property And Equipment. Empty Rooms, For Example, Can Be Scanned More Quickly Than A Fully Furnished Apartment. But As A Rough Guide, Let's Go Out On A Limb And Say That We Can Scan 100 M2 In About One Hour.

Post-Production Of The Virtual Tour: Now We Link All The Data Into A Virtual Tour And Add Your Content As Clickable Info Points. We Usually Send You A Preview Within 3Days. And Then We Make The Final Cut. Finally, There Is A Final Feedback Round And You Receive The Link And The Iframe-Code To Embed It To Present It Digitally On Your Website To Customers, Partners And Employees.

For The Indoor Shots This Is Even An Advantage, Because We Can Avoid The Suboptimal View, It Will Be Replaced By A Beautiful Weather View Later.

Through The Panoramic View, The Viewer Gets The Full "Overview" And Can Steer Himself To Look At Everything What Interests Him. Via The Panorama Tour, He Can Also Immediately And Interactively View The Areas That Interest Him The Most, E.G. Wellness Etc.
Videos Run - As A Viewer You Are Passive - And Are Not Interactive. They Usually Do Not Show Everything And Hide Similarly, To Photos, The Areas That The Photographer Might Not Like To Show. Panorames On The Other Hand Show The Truth All Around! The Viewer Looks At What He Wants To See At That Moment And As Long As He Wants.

Nevertheless, There Are, Of Course, Also A Few General Arguments That Speak For The Use Of A Virtual Tour. And So That You Believe Us, That We Know Something About Our Area, We Would Like To Tell You About Them: This Is How Visual Impressions Are
Becoming An Increasingly Important Criterion For Online Research And A 360° View Can Be The Decision. In Contrast To Conventional Images, Virtual Tours Offer Transparent Insights That Are Honest And Credible. Moreover, A Virtual Tour Gives A Significantly Better Sense Of The Size And Layout Of A Location, So That Users Can Online, Already Get A Realistic Impression Of What They Can Expect On Site. All In All, Your Internet Presence Can Benefit In Many Ways From The Innovative Presentation Form Of A Virtual Tour. This Is How It Makes Websites Professional And Timely And Inspires Users To Stay Longer On The Website. As A Practical Side Effect This Can Also Improve The Search Engine Position, Because The User Signals Are An Essential Ranking Factor At Google, And Of
Course You Create Fresh And Interesting Content For The Social Networks, Which Encourages Users To Click, Like And Share.
Statistics Show The Longest Longes Time Span Of Interested People On The Panorama Tours Are 2-3 Minutes/Click.
Furthermore, Our Panorama Tours Have A Lot Of Additional Information For The Customer To See And Give A Good Feeling When Booking. Multiple Marketing And Distribution On Many Channels Like Google, Expedia, Facebook, Gastfreund Etc. Google Even Ranks Higher Companies That Use Google Products- I.E. Panoramas.

Step Inside Has Developed Special Techniques And Drones For This Purpose. Drones Can Also "Panorama" An Object From The Air. The Viewer Then Sees The Hotel From A Bird's Eye View And Can Then Click On The Land, On The Terrace Or At The Reception. When We Start The Drones, It Makes A Lot Of Sense To Also Create Additional Pictures, Because Once In The Air We Can Offer You Great Specials Too.

Stepinside Tours Can Be Viewed On All Browsers And With Our Responsive And With Our Responsive Programming Also On All Devices. This Includes Computers, Laptops, Tablets, Cell Phones, Vr Glasses, Etc. How Long Does It Take From The Production Of A Virtual Tour Until It Is Put Online? After The Shooting, The Preparation Usually Takes Ca. 14 Days. Then You Will Receive The First Working Link To The Tour And We Can Then Incorporate Your Wishes. After Ca. 3 Weeks Your Tour Goes Online.

In Principle Yes, You Will Receive A Link Which You Can Website, But We Recommend That You Let Your Agency Do It Or Give Us Access To Do It. We Have Prepared An Information Sheet For You, For The Correct Installation Because The Placement Of The Tour Is An Essential Part Of The Meaningful Panorama Marketing.

In Our Installation Recommendation, The Simple And Fastest Way To Be Seen Is The Panorama As A Decisive Installation On The First Page Is Very Important. And Beyond An Individual Installation Of The Panoramas Is Additionally Important, Because Often The Visitor In The Rooms/Suites Decides About The Booking - And The "Beaming In" Of An Interested Person Is The Key To Success.

Of Course, We Also Create Highlight Panoramas Of Your Surroundings, If You Wish.
Just Ask Us!
Can Additional Information Be Placed In The Panoramas?
Yes, There Are Many Possibilities
- Hotspots, To Move From Room To Room, Videos Or Pictures
- Pdf's

Don't Despair, Ask Omnia360! The Integration Of The Virtual Tour Is Very Easy, Because We Work With An All In-One Solution,
Where Player And Hosting Are Already Included. Our Cloud-Based Solution Stands For Highest Performance And A High Degree Of Data Security. We Can Offer You The Virtual Tour By Means Of A Web Link, Which You Can Easily Call Up And Share With Your Customers And Interested Clients. For Complete Integration Into The Website (Or Immobilienscout24) You Will Also Receive An Iframe Code, Through Which The Virtual Tour Is Directly Available. Google Street View Integration Can Also Be Added! In Addition, We Can Provide You With Further Image And Video Material Which Can Be Used In The Context Of Your Marketing Communication For Various Reasons.
Thanks To Several Years Of Online Marketing Expertise, We Are At Your Disposal With Tips & Tricks For Distribution, So That Your Virtual Tour Gets The Attention It Deserves!

Thanks To The Matterport Cloud Solution, Your Virtual Tour Is Accessible Anytime And Anywhere, Making Further Handling Is Therefore Very Simple. Hosting On Amazon Aws Servers Stands For Highest Performance And A High Degree Of Data Security. After Completion Of The Virtual Tour, You Will Receive A Weblink You Will Receive A Weblink And An Iframe Code, Which You Can Use To Easily Access, Embed And Share The Tour.

Always Update Your Browser To The Latest Version. The Virtual Tours Are Suitable For
- Firefox 4 Or Higher
- Chrome 9 Or Higher
- Internet Explorer 11 Or Higher With Windows 8 Or Higher
- Opera 12 Or Higher
- Safari 5.1 Or Higher With Osx 10.8 Mountain Lion Or Higher

The Virtual Tour In Virtual Reality Is A Very Special Experience, Which You Should Definitely Try It Out! You Can Book The Vr-Conversion Directly (Or Also Later) With Us And We Are Also Available With Advice And Assistance In Choosing The Right Vr-Glasses.
Don't Worry, It Doesn't Have To Be Expensive At All, Because The Virtual Tour Can Also Be Done With A Mobile Smartphone Solution Such As The Google Cardbaord Or The Samsung Gearvr. An Instructions On How To Call Up The Virtual Reality Tour Can Be Found Behind The Corresponding Link In Our Blog.